Image of rural life

Identification of essential rural life problems that require new solutions and outlining the possible implementing measures needs to be focused upon, considering that rural life development is largely dependent upon the requirements of a specific rural area and resources available there.

The Foundation has developed a set of measures to ensure entrepreneurs with high-quality advice and qualified labour, improve the living environment of people living in countryside and to shape the reputation of rural life. The Foundation pays grants and allowance to students of rural economy specialties of vocational professional schools to supply rural areas with well-educated labour and other activities are devised to develop this specific area.

The Foundation also acknowledges active and entrepreneuring people, who have contributed to shaping the reputation of rural life –

  • the Best Beef Animal Breeder,
  • the Best Plant Breeder,
  • the Best Dairy Farmer,
  • the Best Student of Rural Economics
  • and the Best Teacher of Rural Economics.


Since 2010, the Estonian Rural Development Foundation as been coordinating the advisory services, intender for farmers and rural entrepreneurs; we also participate in an international co-operation project, Baltic Deal, serving the purpose of diminishing harmful environmental impacts, caused by agricultural activities, in such a way as to avoid the damaging competitiveness and production scales.